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Google AdWords vs SEO

When it comes to driving traffic and leads to your website, there are two main approaches that businesses can take: Google AdWords and SEO. As an Auckland SEO specialist, I believe that a comprehensive digital marketing strategy should include both.

While Google AdWords provides a quick boost of traffic and leads, it can be expensive in the long run and requires ongoing investment to maintain results. SEO, on the other hand, offers a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to driving organic traffic to your website over time.

18 Years of SEO Experience 

My name is Аlех Рiаnоv.

I proudly represent the Max Marketing Team in the New Zealand Digital Marketing Field. As a team, we help Kiwi businesses to grow faster!

My experience in Digital Marketing, SEO and Web Development is more than 18 years. I believe that the key to success is collaboration between traditional marketers and digital marketers.

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